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Previously, I was thinking about what I was willing to do to succeed and how determined I am to make it happen. I realized that I need to be willing and determined if I want to succeed. I had to prepare my mindset and make a firm decision and not change it, think outside the box, step outside the comfort zone, take massive actions, follow up and follow through.

Prepare your mindset

You must have a positive mindset in order that good things happen (no negative thoughts at all).
But sometimes negative thoughts will come and you can change them immediately.

How Determined are you?

To be determined, you have to make a firm decision and not change it, for example, a decision about starting an online business–something you always dreamed about. You must work hard at it and don’t give up to make it happen.

Think Outside The Box

Be creative and think differently looking for other ideas

Step Outside Comfort Zone

To take a risk, you do things you don’t feel comfortable doing, such as building a website etc. At times, there will be some anxiety and stress which a good thing when you start to transition, transform and grow,

Fear will stop you, but taking baby steps and not jump out all at once is best.

Take Smart Massive Actions

Here, you would focus on specific actions and know your “why” it should relate to your goal which gives fewer steps and time-saving. You take action on the things that matter the most.

Follow Up And Follow Through

If a potential customer does not recognize that you care by your actions your opportunity will be lost.

Caring enough to ensure that someone else gets the outcome they expect and need is a big part of the trust.

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Having a positive mindset with a firm decision about a dream that you want to accomplish, you must work hard at it and never give up. Also, doing things that makes you feel uncomfortable and focusing on a specific action by knowing why you are doing it, and caring about a potential customer to build trust to get the outcome they expect and need is essential to long-term relationships.

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  1. You are so correct! I sometimes feel discouraged and then have to remind myself why I am doing what I’m doing and how important it is to me. I know I have to take the extra mile and then exceed myself even further! Thank you for this post to remind us why it’s so important for us to stick to a positive mindset and push through even the projects that make us uncomfortable.


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