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If You Are New To Affiliate Marketing

I have very little experience with affiliate marketing and during my research, before I join Wealthy Affiliate in May 2019, I found out that some of the Wealthy Affiliate long-lasting Premium Members who have shown proof of their success shows that it’s 100% legitimate. Affiliate marketing is connecting people online with services and products they are looking for with an affiliate link and when someone clicks your link and make a purchase, you make a commission. You don’t need your own products to promote. You can promote Wealthy Affiliate, Amazon, Click Bank and many more programs.

Now, I will give you my views and experience, such as the free & paid memberships, training, support, website builder, word press hosting, research tools, pros & cons, and my possible home business overview and ranking that I have given. You can learn everything needed to succeed here at Wealthy Affiliate. I have complete my training and moving forward. I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate for beginners to learn how to make money online

Membership Fees At Wealthy Affiliate free wealthy affiliate membership plan

Free Starter Membership:-no credit card needed, but you don’t get all the resources and you can stay a free member forever, but you want get everything needed with the free plan. Click her to check it out.

Premium which you pay only $19 for 30 days to test the program, then $49/month($369/year thereafter, and no upsells, if you want to all the benefits.

The $49 for Premium Membership is recommended to get full access to resources to become successful. Click here to sign up

Advanced & Comprehensive Training At Wealthy Affiliate

The Entrepreneur Certificate-10 lesson with checklist and tasks after you complete a lesson

Boot Camp Training -70 lessons to help you learn how to become an affiliate.

Webinar Live Events

Classrooms-Email marketing, SEO, and more

==>To get the most advanced and comprehensive training in the industry==<

To get the most advanced and comprehensive training in the industry. To sign up and get the most advanced and comprehensive training in the industry click here!

Community Support

It’s interactive with comments Q & A Section

  • Mentoring
  • Live chat- 24/7 Live help
  • discussion
  • Help Center-Site Support is where you get technical support for your website
  • Ask A Question-Help from the community
  • Private Message-Communicate in private with any member


For a free domain, choose a domain name.Siterubix.com, then choose your Title and Design. WordPress will host your website. The features of websites:

  • SiteBuilder
  • SiteDomain
  • Site Manage-access to your website
  • SiteContent- for writing your content with ABC grammar checker
  • SiteSupport-technical
  • SiteComment
  • SiteFeedback

Research Tools

  • Wealthy Affiliate Research  Tool    jaaxy keyword tool review
  • Jaaxy.com Research Tool within WA where you search for keywords to target your audience

Pros & Cons

  • The pros are it very interactive with lots of training on different topics

Las Vegas Conference

  • The cons are not a get-rich-quick, it takes time to learn and grow. You have to be consistent with posting content, never give up or quit and be patient

Possible Home Business Overview & Ranking

Name: Possible Home Business

Owner: Letha Kitchens

Website: https://possiblehomebusiness

Wealthy Affiliate

Training- step by step Yes

Support:- Help easy to get Yes

Private Coaching Yes

Website Builder -Free websites Yes

WordPress Hosting Yes

Research Tools- Keywords Yes

Affiliate Program Yes

Success Stories- Many Yes

Price: Great Price Yes

Free Trial Yes

My Overall Rating: 98%/100%

Again, I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate for a beginner.


==> To signup and get the most advanced and comprehensive training in the industry click here==<

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26 Replies to “Wealthy Affiliate Review – Do It Work?”

  1. Hi Letha

     Wealthy Affiliate seems to be a very interesting as a potential source of income. It seems that they provide the tools necessary to make a successful affiliate marketing online business. It is always important to be truthful and honesty with people, so that they are not mislead or pressurised into joining something in which you will regret later. You said that it will take time to learn and be successful. This leads to the question, how long do you think it will take before you start  earning?

    Thank you


    1. Thanks, Antonio, does that means everything is alright? But I think it really depends on how much work you put into it to get things in order to be successful.

  2. Hi Letha, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I am a wealthy affiliate member for 2 years and I can confirm that it is 100% legit and profitable, you only need to follow the training inside of it. People like to run for getting rich quick schemes but with this platform, you are building passive income in the long term.

    1. Daniel, I’m glad the article was very helpful and informative. That motivates me to keep on it. I will take your advice and follow the training. 


  3. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a great way for beginners to feel their way in the world of online marketing, and gaining skills along the way.

    I think the fee structure is really simple and very manageable compared to other platforms out there as well.

    The added kicker of the weekly live events definitely adds some value and can be very useful as well, and having the ability to go back in time and check out past live webinars is handy too.

    1. Shane, thank you and what a great idea to be able to go back and check past webinars for a refresher. I will remember to do that. 


  4. Thank you for your recommendation about the Wealthy Affiliate. It is a great platform for learning and earning. I am a new affiliate marketer in this platform. I joined here last month. So I am still learning. I found this affiliate program very helpful. The community people are nice, responsive and very helpful. Likewise, you said it takes time to grow money here. So it requires patience to achieve the goals. Thank you again for the review. 

    1. Fahim, you’re welcome and I joined here last month as well. What I meant by it takes time is that you have to get everything set up as you learn which is great because you can apply what you learn and in that way you’re making progress along the way.

      1. Fahim, you’re welcome. I joined last month as well. Yes, you have to get everything set up right as you learn which is great. You can apply what you learn at that means making progress along the way.

  5. Affiliate marketing is s confirm business that worth quality time. Before I joined ever think of becoming affiliate marketer, wealthy affiliate has been known to me. I started affiliate program through wealthy affiliate. Although am still a prospective affiliate marketer because I’m not yet totally qualified because of my new website, but very soon, I’ll become one of them. Based on your experience, is wealthy affiliate is well trusted when it comes to site hosting?

  6. Hi, Letha, the reputation of the integrity of the founders of Wealthy Affiliate is what brought me to sign in January 2019. I agree with you that this is the best learning experience any newbie or even advanced marketers can follow. Again I agree with you that Jaaxy is by far the best keyword research tool on the market.

  7. Hello Letha
    As a long time member of Wealthy Affiliate I can say with absolute certainty that the training is first class and so indepth.
    The 24/7 help and support is also there for anyone with any problem as is the million and a half membership.
    Anyone who would like to earn an income from the internet and at home would have to search long and hard to find a better program.
    I wish you well Letha.
    Robert Allan

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