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There are many keyword ranking tools, but there could be a slight difference. I will share with you how Alex a ranking is slightly different because of the toolbar users.

Is Alex Ranking Accurate?

It depends on the number of toolbar users, and It could be a doubt for a low ranking site, It ranks in the order of popularity. The more popular the site the lower the ranking.

How To Check Your Ranking

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Is Alexa Ranking Important?

Alex a ranking is important because of page ranking, shows links to other websites, local and global, domain age and score.


Is Alex Good For SEO Ranking?

Alexa is not too valuable for the overall SEO and performance.

Alex can be useful for toolbar users and rank by popularity, Alex is important for page ranking, links to websites, local and global, domain age and score, but not valuable when it comes to SEO and performance. So If you are looking for a reliable tool for SEO and keyword research, check out the promotions above.

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2 Replies to “How Accurate is Alexa Ranking- Is It Really Reliable?”

  1. Interesting take.

    I haven’t really looked into Alexa rankings that much.
    Personally, I prefer looking at the domain authority of a website given by Moz.com to see how much authority a website has since it’s pretty spot on for the most part.

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