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I remember I had a couple of previous jobs that I just hated. I needed a job that I enjoyed, so I quit and found a better job. Sharing with you 10 signs your body is telling you to quit your job.

You worry about more money

You worry about money because you’re not getting paid enough and barely making it. Living pay check to pay check and so you worry.

Often become sick

When you hate and are unhappy with your job will increase the risk of getting sick

Can’t Sleep

You think about how your day went. Frustrations and miserable at work find it harder to fall asleep. Worry goes through the mind and this is bad for your health because you need sleep to restore body strength to the immune system.

Gaining weight

If you dislike your job and see the pounds adding up and the work-life steals from you the energy you need to make good dietary choices instead you eat junk foods and get no exercise.

Feel stressed and not appreciated      

if you’re being treated badly, or if nothing you do at work is ever recognized and you spend your work days in a more or less permanent state of frustration, worry, and depression you can become stressed even if you only work 30 hours a week. And that workplace stress harms the immune system and increases the risk of depression.

You skills aren’t being utilized

Many times you have to take whatever you can get to make ends meet, but if the boss wants to give you an opportunity to utilize your skills after being on the job for a while, then it’s time to start considering other options, When you know you have more to offer then think of making a change for the better.,

Job Burnout

You can feel weary at work because you are just burnt out after a long day on the job, but if your life is in a chronic state of stress and exhaustion which can drain your energy and hurt your performance.

Too Tired For Family

When you are too tired for family, you don’t feel like doing the things needed such as cooking, grocery, activities and this can cause a problem in the family.

You Are Bored

Prolonged feelings of boredom while at work are a warning sign that you are not doing what you want to be doing and are searching for more meaning. If you’re spending most of your workday on the playing games and shopping on the internet or constantly looking at the clock.

Nothing you do is ever enough

You may be the first person in the office and the last one out the building, and you are constantly working exceeding most of the co-workers. The boss still expects more from you and it may be time to go somewhere that can appreciate all that you do and have some limits.

Should any of the above stick out at you consider finding another job where you can be happier? Hating a job can make you sick and can also kill you. I suggest that you look into affiliate marketing. Check it out here where you can be your own boss, have less worry, and more happiness.


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