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free image social media marketing2Here are 7 reasons Socia Media Reviews are important which include your profile, making decisions, star ratings, trust, issues that people have regarding a product or service, whether good customer service and google my business which is (local) to find information.


Your Profile

Your profile is what tells people what your business is all about and your brand. People will go to your profile to find this thing out.

Making Decisions

People want to make a good decision on products and services and if you have an active presence on social media. People don’t want to waste their time and money.

Star Ratings

People want to know how others rate a product or service to find out if a product or service has a good or bad rating. These people are the ones who have bought the product. Especially a star rating of 3-5 and more than likely would consider the product.


Reviews are a sigh of trust whether good or bad and know that your business is genuine. Most people will trust reviews more than a personal recommendation.


If there any issues with the product or service. If some had an issue, it should have been handled in an effective manner, and others will see that the issue was taken care off.

For Good Customer Service

Like I said above, people have a right to their opinions and one thing you can do is to satisfy your customers in an effective manner and other will see that they will be taken care of as well.

Google My Business (local)

Google my business help people find information about your business address, the time your business open/ close, and your website.

These are ways social media reviews can help you make buying decisions on a product or service which includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google My Business.

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